The main activities of the group


Development and implementation of projects of any complexity "turnkey"


The full complex of geological and geophysical studies and work


A full range of consulting services for the efficient use of investment in commercial, financial, socio-economic, industrial, scientific and technical investment projects

Wastewater treatment plants

Design, construction of new and modernization of existing complexes of treatment facilities


Range of activities and services for the creation of innovative projects, including the creation, implementation, promotion of certain innovations

Infrastructure projects

Development of concepts and feasibility studies for infrastructure developmentгородов и стран


Complex of services to attract investments and financial support of companies in the organization and development of business and investment projects

Oil and gas industry

Development of feasibility studies and business plans for the construction of oil refineries and oil production


Complex of works and services for the creation of high-tech products in the chemical industry


Manufacture and sale of innovative spectrometric equipment for recording various types of ionizing radiation

Our works

Copyrights for projects


What we do

Development projects

Project financing
Market analysis
Development projects
Marketing concept
Feasibility study
Design documentation
Estimation of investment projects
Coordination of projects
Selection of an international operator
Implementation of projects
Project Management

Business Planning

Business plan of the investment project
Developing a financial plan
Developing a business plan according to the criteria proposed by the investor
Adjustment of the business plan drawn up by you or other developers
Development of investment proposals

Attraction of investors

Our group is developing a business plan, buyout shows a real chance to build a business, provides an objective assessment of your opportunities and risks shows the need or lack of investment.
Development of a financial model
Evaluating the effectiveness of an existing business
Estimation of investment projects
Cash-flow forecast


Airborne geophysical filming
Airborne gamma spectrometry
Electromagnetics TEMZ
Aeromagnetic exploration
Marine geophysical and geochemical filming on any waters
Magnetic prospecting
Gravity prospecting
Radonometry survey
Thermometric survey

Group management




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