We perform the following work


Exploration for hydrocarbons

1. Analysis of geological problems solved by geophysical methods, rationale for setting works.

2. Analysis of the management of geophysical research, the choice of means and technologies of performance.
3. Compliance with the implementation of each type of geophysical applicable regulatory
and procedural documents and instructions.
4. The application of modern technologies for processing and integrated interpretation of geophysical data.
5. Assisting on geophysical surveys, processing and integrated interpretation of their results
6. Geophysical works: magnetic survey, gamma spectrometry, electromagnetics various modifications.
Geochemical studies.
7. Preparation of geological, geophysical and production data to the integrated interpretation
8. The digitization of data on paper.
9. Creating relevant geotechnical field models.
10. Creation of storage and use of geophysical data.
Engineering geology
1. Geological engineering preparation of the territory for construction.
2. Geological research.
3. Environmental impact assessment (EIA).
Preparing for deep drilling
1. Analysis of compliance with the staging of geological exploration, identification of priority projects for input into
the search and exploration drilling, evaluation of the results of previous work.
2. Verification of compliance certificates actual oil and gas facilities (primary) materials.
3. Rationale for all types of exploration work.
4. Building a reliable geological model using the data of stratigraphy, lithology,
structural and tectonic analysis of reservoir properties, etc.
5. Provide recommendations on drilling technology.




Construction and testing of oil and gas wells

1. Checking for the drilling project normative methodological and legal instruments
to modern technology of well construction.

2. Evaluation of the complex and the results of geological and technological research.

3. Analysis of formulas and parameters of drilling fluids for drilling and opening of productive horizons.

4. Evaluation of the quality of non-destructive testing technical condition of oil and gas pipes,
drilling tools and equipment, their metrological support.

5. Analysis of the cement slurry formulations, their physicochemical properties and their
corresponding geological conditions, analysis of hydraulic calculations cementation process.

6. The validity of the sampling intervals of the core, the quality and completeness of their study.

7. Evaluation of the quality testing while drilling all types of test and calculation of hydrodynamic
parameters of the formation.

8. Analysis study petroleum systems:

analysis of objective determination of debits formation fluids during testing and research methods;

analysis of objective measurements of reservoir pressure;

analysis of objective selection of deep fluid samples;

      analysis of objective determination of physico-chemical parameters of reservoir fluids

9. Monitoring of blasting operations in wells (hardware, type of charge density of lumbago, etc.).

10. Assessment of the current technical and technological level of the whole complex of works,
the state of use of the latest scientific and technical developments.

11. Analysis of the negative results from the position of drilling technology and testing.

12. Provision of modern environmental protection measures on arrangement of wells,
drilling waste management, environmental monitoring of the environment in the process of drilling.

13. Assistance for engineering and technology drilling deep wells.

14. Implementation of complex laboratory tests and use the results.

15. Provide technical and environmental safety at work.


Presentation SE "RCPS "Georesurs":   Main activities.

Presentation SE "RCPS "Georesurs":   Search and Exploration of metallic and nonmetallic minerals.

Presentation SE "RCPS "Georesurs":   Search and exploration of hydrocarbon deposits.





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