Wastewater treatment plants

Group of companies «GREEN GROUP» takes the following work:

  • collection of baseline data
  • design
  • carrying out research and survey work
  • manufacturing, supply complete sets of equipment and materials
  • construction and installation works
  • commissioning
  • after-sales service



Our technology and equipment for wastewater treatment has the following advantages
over classical treatment facilities:


  • reduction in the occupied area of more than 50 times
  • the decline in construction and installation work for more than 5 times
  • reducing energy consumption by 2-3 times
  • lack of consumables (reagents)
  • equipment leaks, and as a result, noise level,
  • total absence of emissions into the atmosphere and smells
  • low rainfall and the possibility of recycling in a certified
  • organic-mineral fertilizer
  • high reliability and long service life of the equipment

Presentation Wastewater treatment plants

Investment project "Construction of the right-bank sewage treatment plant in Kiev"
underwater manifolds and exhaust channel "

Presentation "Disposal of oily sludges to "Turkmenbashi complex of oil refineries"

Investment project "Construction on Bortnychi aeration station Kiev processing plant sludg"



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